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Week Nine – Horrible Fail / Get Out of Jail Free

Here it is, kindly designed for me by Neil, the first of two get out of jail free cards.  I of course, am continuing to work on the piece of art I started four weeks ago.  I will openly admit that I am now dragging my feet on it.  I sort of resent it for sucking my social life down the drain.  Not even sort of – I just straight up do resent it.  Because I didn’t want to finish it, I decided to replace a pair of Pajama pants that are totally old and falling apart.

I made myself this awesome freezer paper pattern from the pants themselves.  For your sanity’s sake, I am not including a photograph of the original pants.  Trust me – they’re covered in paint and holes, and you don’t want to see them.  Just know that the pattern is really pretty true to the originals, and I am surprised at how good it is.

I don’t have a serger, or any kind of fancy shmancy machine to sew knits, so I used this tutorial I found online for sewing knit fabrics with a conventional machine, and chose to use the double needle method.  I worked super-terrifically until I got to the waistband of the pants, at which point my machine started only catching on every fifth stitch.  I chose to ignore that, since the seam it sewed like that on was not structurally necessary.

I get to the last seams on Sunday afternoon – all I needed to do was hem the dumb things.  The sewing machine started catching every tenth stitch.  I try sewing conventional woven thread?  Works like a dream.  Obviously I am doing something wrong with the knit fabric.  I went to go online to troubleshoot my problem, and I had no internet.  Did I mention that I don’t know why I’m paying Sprint for data?  My phone has no data connectivity either.

And so – after much swearing and gnashing of teeth, I threw in the towel.  More next week.

SEWING MACHINE UPDATE:  Yesterday I went to sew a birthday present for Neil’s goodly wife, Maureen, and discovered that my machine only sews one layer of fabric like a dream, rendering it completely useless as a sewing machine.  Takeaway?  I need a new shuttle for that machine.  Also, in hindsight, I could have just switched machines.  It’s not like I don’t have four other waiting in the wings.  In my own defense, however, I didn’t think it was the machine, just that I was humanly incapable of sewing knit fabrics together.