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Week Ten – Yeah, yeah here they are

The evil pj pants that I couldn’t finish in week nine?  These are them.  Regrets for the terrible photograph.  They are comfy as all get out, and they thermal fabric with sweet little apples all over them!  Far better than their ancient predecessors.


Updates – They are a-coming!

Right.  The show is up, and I have had time to recover from it, so starting tomorrow, I am going to begin adding all the projects you have missed seeing since MARCH!  (Lord, I am a terrible and irresponsible person!)

See you tomorrow!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Robot Factory – Opens Friday

Friendly Killer Robots

Friday is the big day!  6-10 Lafayette time with after-party at Hunters Down Under.  Hope to see you there!

It Has Been Two Months Since My Last Post…

So, I’m sure you are all wondering (or not) where on earth I have been, what I have been working on and whether or not I’m still on the wagon as it were.  The answers to these questions in order are; my basement working, many many things and yes.  I hope to catch up with my regular posting, and share all the fantastical things that I have made since March.

(You know it’s coming…  wait for it… wait for it…)

BUT, Kyle and I have a gallery show that installs in just eight short days!  So we have been cracking the whip trying to get that all done.  That said,  you should all stop by the show!  It is up June 10 – July 7 at the Lala Gallery and Studio in Lafayette, Indiana.  The opening reception is June 15 from 5-10pm.

If you want to see some work in progress shots of our Friendly Neighborhood Robot Factory, you may visit them here.

Thanks for your patience everyone!


Week Eight – “Sheet of Paper” Towel

Today’s post is brought to you by the good folks at Bed Bath and Beyond because they are the only store on this entire earth that still stocks flour sack towels.  I was going to stretch this and make it a hanging canvas, but my strainer stock did not come in on time.

I give you, the Sheet of Paper Towel.  It is an 8.5×11 piece of flour sack towel, with ink and brass grommets.  I have  been in love with this idea from the moment I had it.  Kyle suggests that I make some paper sheets for the bed, which I think is brilliant as well, though it would take a lot more work.

I am considering making another and stretching it on strainer stock when that comes in.  Does repeating break the rules?  You tell me.

Week Seven – Valentine for a Kyle

For real – something great is in the works.  That said, I made a super sweet Valentine’s card for Kyle as my week seven project.  It was done using the tutorial for a dream-catcher card that I found over at Zakka Life.











I put a little Kyle illustration of Kyle in there, along with a feather, and I stamped the text.  Apparently my violet stamp pad is pretty much dead as evidenced by the horrible way all of the purple characters look.  There it is – short sweet and to the point.

Other Test

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