Posted in June 2012

Your Friendly Neighborhood Robot Factory – Opens Friday

Friendly Killer Robots

Friday is the big day!  6-10 Lafayette time with after-party at Hunters Down Under.  Hope to see you there!

It Has Been Two Months Since My Last Post…

So, I’m sure you are all wondering (or not) where on earth I have been, what I have been working on and whether or not I’m still on the wagon as it were.  The answers to these questions in order are; my basement working, many many things and yes.  I hope to catch up with my regular posting, and share all the fantastical things that I have made since March.

(You know it’s coming…  wait for it… wait for it…)

BUT, Kyle and I have a gallery show that installs in just eight short days!  So we have been cracking the whip trying to get that all done.  That said,  you should all stop by the show!  It is up June 10 – July 7 at the Lala Gallery and Studio in Lafayette, Indiana.  The opening reception is June 15 from 5-10pm.

If you want to see some work in progress shots of our Friendly Neighborhood Robot Factory, you may visit them here.

Thanks for your patience everyone!