Thing a Week is a challenge to push myself towards being a working artist.  Rugged mountain man, Johnathan Coulton, did a thing a week for a while that produced some pretty amazing things.  I am shamelessly stealing this idea.  This year I have resolved to create one thing every week.  I’m giving myself two get out of jail free cards, and after that it’s up to me!

Keeping a journal doesn’t keep me accountable, so I will document my projects here at the end of each week.  Weeks run Monday through Sunday, and coincidentally, Mondays and Sundays are the days this blog is most likely to be updated.

I hope that this journey will end with me in a better place artistically than when I started out.  Probably my first goal is working towards wedding the two aspects of my work – craft and fine art.  We will see how it works out.

Kyle is doing thing a week as well!

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