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Week Two – One Helluva Blue Dress

So I figure part of this journey is finishing up projects that are in backlog, and contemplating how to go forwards from that work into what I would like for myself to be as an artist.  Also – figuring out what I would like for myself to be as an artist.  Week Two sort of resolved it’s self in that respect.  A commissioned dress needed making, so I made it.











The clients chose a Vogue pattern.  I have very mixed feelings about Vogue’s pattern making abilities.  On one hand, Vogue adds in all of the beautiful finishing details and simple clean lines that make a piece of clothing stand out as a piece of craftsmanship and a thing of quality.  On the other hand, they are fond of giving you only steps one and five, leaving you to fill in the gap between.

This dress came out beautifully.  It was simple, but well cut, and in a beautiful blue linen.  It is certainly the most beautifully simple dress I have ever made.